• Every photographer knows that, as a general rule of thumb, a camera can be
    safely handheld as long as your shutter speed is at least 1/focal length or faster ”1”.
    Some photographers were able to push this limit by 1 or 2 stops with practice 
    and experience, others with technology buying stabilized lenses (VR or IS).
    However here is a quick technique that will allow anyone to maximize his 
    chances at getting a sharp picture at low shutter speeds.

    1. Can I use a wider aperture?
    2. Can I use a tripod?
    3. Do I have a stabilized lens?
    4. Can I boost my ISO?
    This is a great article I read at All Day I Dream Of Photography.

    You can view the full article here


    Photo credit: mikebaird / Foter / CC BY
  • I believe we can never stop learning, that why I'm so happy

    to share this creative learning site that has a ton of information,


    Who's tag line reads "Great photography happens where Craft

    and Vision Converge" If you looking for hands on reading then

    check this site out. The books are reasonable priced and they

    are well put together. I ordered the "Making Light"


    bundle and I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase.

    Shout out to Author:

    Piet Van den Eynde


    So go on over and take a look. Then come back 

    and tell me what you think. What site do you go to 

    for E-Learning??

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  • We have been named on Pixiq.com

    150 unmissable photography sites

    Pixiq.com 150 Photo Sites

    So go check out the article you might

    find some sites you will like.

    Come back and let me know.

    Thanks pixiq.com

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  • A list of articles I have been checking out.

    Lets start at the end with Sean Armenta in post 
    production using the liqufy tool over at Fstoppers.com.

    Then lets move to the begining, Rick Sammon 
    duscusing lighting concepts.

    Lets go even before the with an article on find locations 
    from Mike Panic on LightStlaking.com.

    Then over to ProPhotoResourse.com where Joe Elderman
     has written a piece on Eye placemnt in Portraiture.

    Neilvan Niekerk over at Neilvn.com show us hot to shoot 
    in public paces and make it look like a you were the only 
    one there.

    For my DIY'ers becasue sometimes you can't plant a light 
    stand, this nifty project may be the answers to you needs.

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  • Rule OF Thirds Cheat Sheet by Marco Torres for NECC 2006
    and some basic point of great photography..

    You Can Download The PDF HERE or HERE

  • Thank the Folks over at diyphotography.net for putting
    us on to this little Gem of a hack.

    All you need is a computer Desktop or Laptop, a Canon
    with LiveView capablities, an open source program
    (download HERE) and some creative jucies.

    {DIYphotography.net article link below}
    Capture 720hd with you Canon Capabale LiveView

    Show Me What You Got....

    Side Note: Tethered Hack Complete Video Coming Soon...

    Photo credit: Matt Cunnelly / Foter / CC BY